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“Thanks to your system, my son finished the season with a .468 batting avg.”
~ Kenneth Jacobs, Esq.
“This past weekend, my son hit his first home run on the “big fields” 295 feet, and hit another one to the fence in center 310 feet. Thanks again for your program”
~ Scott Tinkel
“I have learned a wealth of information that I have not seen other coaches teach. To me, your stuff is worth a million bucks. Good day to day stuff”
~ Gregory Celeski
“My 11 yr old son made the All-Star team this year, thanks to your system. He added 250 points to his avg. and half his hits were for extra bases.”
~ Frank Conklin
“ My son ended up in the Top 5 for Varsity his sophomore year and lead his team in ALL stats his junior year, while earning All-League and MVP for the season. The Super 8 Hitting System and your baseball hitting tips is a great product and
I definitely recommend it to anyone that is trying to get an extra edge over the competition.”
~ David Marriott

FREE subscription to more
than 25+ years of baseball
hitting research

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Over 300+ Baseball Hitting Drills and Baseball Hitting Tips

brought to you by the Super 8 Hitting System

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"An outstanding program designed to improve baseball hitting performance for all ages."

Skip Bertman
Former Head Baseball Coach, LSU Tigers and 5-Time NCAA Division I National Champions

"This is a "must have" tool for anyone who is teaching hitting. I have coached Youth Baseball for the past ten years, and the Super 8 Hitting System is by far the best I've seen. As a Sports Performance Coach and Hitting Instructor, I was blown away with the system's focus on athletic positioning, balance, and weight shift as it relates to power. That alone was worth the money. This system goes beyond other instructional videos, and the drills are amazing WOW!!!"

Lamar Jefferson
Newport Beach, CA.

"An incredible hitting system developed by one of the country's great hitting instructors."

Paul Mainieri
Head Baseball Coach, LSU Tigers

"Joe Brockhoff's approach to hitting is something each coach should study. I have seen this simple approach become an invaluable tool in many programs"

Mike Martin
Head Baseball Coach, Florida State University

“Joe Brockhoff and I have been good friends and colleagues over the years.  He has always been recognized as one of the nation’s top hitting instructors.  His Super 8 Hitting System provides a great resource for anyone wishing to improve their hitting.”

Ron Polk
Mississippi State University

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Who is this for?
For the serious Hitter or Coach.

You’ll discover a hitting system that:

  • Is simple and easy to learn
  • Is the most effective way to hit for average and power
  • Is not on trial, but has beenproven successful for over 14 years

The Complete Super 8 Set includes:

  • 8 Hitting Instructional DVDs
  • Super 8 Handbook (180 pages)
  • Perfect Practice Hitting Poster

Who is this for?
Hitter or Coach who
wants the “Core” of the hitting system.

The starter hitting system will cover about 20% of what’s in the complete 8 DVD set. With over 100 mins of video, this is a great choice to get the basics.

The Super 8 Starter Set includes:

  • 2 Hitting Instructional DVDs
  • Pro Stroke DVD (8 Steps in system)
  • Super 8 Combos DVD (hitting drills)
  • Super 8 Hitting Manual (32 pages)
  • 7 Deadly Misconceptions Manual
  • 30 Minute Audio Hitting Lesson

Who is this for?
Players who want to
increase at speed and hit all 9 parts of the stroke zone.

The Readerboard is a practice tool for learning the proper strokes and cutlines for pitches in each of the 9 parts of the strike zone. Using the board, the hitter can better hit each pitch in the stroke zone.

The Brockbuster Bat is a practice bat for improving power and bat speed and instant feedback on the correct hitting stroke.  It has improved bat speed by as much as 30% with some players.

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