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Learn How To Increase Your Bat Speed By 10,15, even 20%
In The Next 7 Days Or Less…
Now YOU Can Hit The Cover Off The Baseball. Learn Step by Step
Everything You Need To Gain Incredible Power At The Plate.

That’s a bold claim, but I’m confident it’s true. I’ve seen every testimonial that has come in to us from parents, coaches, and players that have used the system and I’ve seen the incredible changes from players, first hand, using the Super 8 Hitting System. I’ve seen just about every other hitting system out there, studied over 8,000 hitters on video, and there’s nothing like this anywhere else. In fact, I’d guess there’s nothing even close, because this system has been proven successful for over 10 years and helped over 30,000 hitters and coaches.

Our 2 DVD course has over 20 different modules, with over 100 mins worth of info packed video, and over 75 pages of step-by-step instruction to get you up and running and get you from newbie to pro in no time.
If you’re going to learn from anyone, learn from someone that does it in the REAL WORLD!
Here’s how you get started. Simply click the “Add to Cart” button below. If you find in the next 60 days that you are not happy and the DVDs didn’t transform your hitting stroke,
simply contact us at 1-800-727-5940 or 1-717-652-2979 or email and we’ll refund your money.

Today Only $57. Free Shipping!

**In addition to receiving the DVDs in the mail, you will also get instant access online to the manuals and videos.

Here is what is included…

Pro Stroke DVD - 50 Minutes

  • The Pro Stroke in detail, from stance to finish.
  • How to eliminate looping or a sweeping swing.
  • Help hitters eliminate the “Swing and Miss”
  • Hit on the “Sweet Spot” every time
  • How to hit the inside and outside pitches
  • Exact position you need to be in to hit every pitch
  • How you can work out at home and still have effective batting practice
  • How YOU can increase your bat speed by as much as 30%
  • How to adjust to high velocity pitching
  • How to use your hips to hit good breaking ball pitchers
  • How to eliminate “wrist roll” and reduce ground balls hit
  • And, much, much more…

Super 8 Combos DVD - 50 Minutes

  • Five hitting drills, including: hip flex and positioning of the hips and rocking step.
  • Three more drills to keep the bat inside, avoid the looping swing and drills to void arcing the back side. Each one is the most effective and efficient way to hit for more power.
  • Four ways to boost your power and hit the inside, low, high, and outside pitches
  • How to use mat drills and the correct way to do the “knocking knuckles”.
  • One technique that can increase bat speed by 25%. Also, roller board drills for weight transfer, balance, load and front heel with correct transfer.

We are also including 4 manuals:

  • Super 8 Hitting System Manual – Normally $29 – Included Free!
  • 7 Deadly Misconceptions in Hitting – Normally $19 – Included Free
  • Fire Drills – Normally $19 – Included Free
  • Combo/Victory Drills – Normally $19 – Included Free!

The hitting stroke is really not complicated. What is complicated is hitting the good pitchers who throw with velocity and accuracy and know how to locate their pitches. In order for us to compete as hitters against them, we must have a system that we can rely on, one that we can trust and that will be there when we need it.
There is a great saying: "Groove your stroke, and then trust it." That is what the Super 8 Hitting System will do for you. It requires that you constantly rehearse simple techniques that will give you good club head accuracy, club head timing, and club head velocity.
The system will allow for you to adjust to the breaking ball and to use the whole field. It will allow you to wait longer and to read pitches better.
With the Super 8 Hitting System, you can have it all: good contact and power.
Are you READY to MAKE a REAL DENT in your career?
Having the right hitting system will make sure you succeed.
Don't wait to start! This is YOUR time, YOUR year to shine.

Today Only $57. Free Shipping!

**In addition to receiving the DVDs in the mail, you will also get instant access online to the manuals and videos.

Coach Brockhoff's Personal Guarantee

All my customers know that I go the extra mile to make them happy.

And you will get the same personal service.

I do have a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not like the DVDs for whatever reason, we will refund the cost back to you, no questions asked, no hassles. So if you're not happy with the Super 8 DVDs for any reason, just contact me at:

1-800-727-5940 or 1-717-652-2979 or email and I will HAPPILY cancel your order and refund your money, no questions asked.

Coach Joe Brockhoff, Owner

"Dear Joe:
Thanks for an outstanding job at our clinic last weekend. I have had nothing but glowing comments from everyone about your presentations.
We've had some pretty 'heavy hitters' on the clinic circuit in Wisconsin talking about hitting . . . .but you were definitely the best. You made the hardest thing to do in baseball, sound logical. One of our coaches paid you what I think is a high compliment. He called you a 'working man's coach.' I really think he's right. Every body else tries to make hitting so complicated and scientific and seems to be working on their next doctoral thesis, but you brought things down to earth. That is an ingenious talent."

Tom O'Connel, Clinic Director, Wisconsin High School Baseball Coaches Association

Today Only $57. Free Shipping!

**In addition to receiving the DVDs in the mail, you will also get instant access online to the manuals and videos.

“An incredible hitting system developed by one of the country’s great hitting instructors.”

Paul Mainieri, Head Baseball Coach, LSU Tigers

“Joe Brockhoff's approach to hitting is something each coach should study. I have seen this simplistic approach become an invaluable tool in many programs”

Mike Martin, Head Baseball Coach, Florida State University

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