The Off Season Workout DVD
How to make Super Contact

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Normally $70 - $27

Here is what is included in this DVD and Manual…

    • Help hitters eliminate the “Swing and Miss”
    • Hit on the “Sweet Spot” every time
    • How to hit the inside and outside pitches
    • Exact position you need to be in to hit every pitch
    • How you can work out at home and still have effective batting practice
    • How YOU can increase your bat speed by as much as 30%
    • How to adjust to high velocity pitching
    • How to use your hips to hit good breaking ball pitchers
    • How to eliminate “wrist roll” and reduce ground balls hit
    • How to hit all pitchers, including over top, 3/4 and side arm pitchers
    • How to pick up their pitches sooner
    • And, much, much more…

Good major league hitters know the importance of working out in the off season. Think about it this way… a .250 hitter in MLB is considered to be a fairly average hitter. A .350 hitteris considered to be a fantastic MLB hitter. This DVD alone will give you an extra 10% improvement. As you progress in your work, you will improve your stroke by 10, 15, even 20% easily. But, you need to do the drills and you need to have this DVD and manual be a part of your agenda.

I know 2015 will be the best year you’ve ever had.

FREE Shipping!
Limited Time Special!!

Normally $70 - $27

Coach Brockoff's Personal Guarantee

All my customers know that I go the extra mile to make them happy.

And you will get the same personal service.

I do have a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not like the DVD for whatever reason, we will refund the cost back to you, no questions asked, no hassles. So if you're not happy with the Super 8 DVD for any reason, just contact me at:

1-800-727-5940 or 1-717-652-2979 or email and I will HAPPILY cancel your order and refund your money, no questions asked.

Coach Joe Brockhoff, Owner

"Dear Joe:
Thanks for an outstanding job at our clinic last weekend. I have had nothing but glowing comments from everyone about your presentations.
We've had some pretty 'heavy hitters' on the clinic circuit in Wisconsin talking about hitting . . . .but you were definitely the best. You made the hardest thing to do in baseball, sound logical. One of our coaches paid you what I think is a high compliment. He called you a 'working man's coach.' I really think he's right. Every body else tries to make hitting so complicated and scientific and seems to be working on their next doctoral thesis, but you brought things down to earth. That is an ingenious talent."

Tom O'Connel, Clinic Director, Wisconsin High School Baseball Coaches Association

FREE Shipping!
Limited Time Special!!

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